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Zane Lewis
Paradise Lost


Mixed greens is thrilled to present Zane Lewis' solo debut in New York. In this exhibition, he will present a series of large-scale paintings and a site-specific installation inspired by the biblical Garden of Eden.

Lewis' work explores the power of cultural icons and their relationship to the religious sublime. By juxtaposing religious imagery and contemporary figures, he alludes to trends of modern day worship, which tends toward the idolization of political figures, Hollywood celebrities, and cult leaders. By using personae that range from the charismatic to the unsettling to the worshiped, he throws the icons of contemporary culture into questions.

In this show, Lewis presents a series loosely based on the story of Adam and Eve. He uses the biblical narrative to tackle ideas of beauty, youth, power, desire, death, idolatry, fame, fashion and art. Adam and Eve are likened to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the serpent is depicted by an image of Dakota Fanning appropriated from an advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs. Lewis also incorporates his idea of a modern day memento mori.

For each work, paint is carefully spilled, pooled and cut to create the image. Thus, each piece references culture, art history and the basic act of making a painting. Lewis re-contextualizes our icons and our ideas of how a painting is constructed.

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