Susan Graham
Beautiful Ohio


Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their second exhibition with Susan Graham. For the month of January, the South Gallery will be transformed into a 25 foot long traffic jam of small, white porcelain vehicles including buses, trucks, sports cars, sedans, humvees, tanks, and tow trucks.

With traffic jams, gas prices, and the war in Iraq coming up in daily conversation, it felt natural for Susan to look back on her Dayton, Ohio roots. In the exhibition, the faint lyrics of Ohio's original state song will be juxtaposed to the four lanes of traffic winding over the gallery floor.

Long, long time ago
Someone I know
Had a little red canoe
In it room for only two
Love found its start
Then in my heart
And like a flower grew

Drifting with the current down a moonlit stream
While above the heavens in their glory gleam
And the stars on high
Twinkle in the sky
Seeming in a paradise divine
Dreaming of a pair of eyes that look in mine
Beautiful Ohio, in dreams again I see
Visions of what used to be

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