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Stas Orlovski
House and Garden


Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Los Angeles-based artist Stas Orlovski’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. For House and Garden he will present a new series of paintings that collapse the division between interior and exterior space. For Orlovski, this setting is where disparate histories, events, dreams and desires collide.

Orlovski’s previous bodies of work suggests an expansive garden environment with floating botanical and sculptural elements. In this new series of paintings, Orlovski’s viewers enter a more ambiguous interior space where windows, curtains and tabletops frame compositions full of discordant, intermingling elements: plants, books, Cubist heads, figures, mountains, moons, rain and dark skies. Torn paper and creased pages cluster together on the canvas in a raw state of creation; it is as if the artist’s studio desk has transferred itself directly to the surface of the canvas.

The classical, simple spaces and Modernist motifs that Orlovski employs are both personally nostalgic and historically archetypal. Autobiography is intertwined with exotic histories and Modernist legacies. Open books reappear throughout the paintings revealing parallel narratives involving Victorian engravings, Soviet Era children’s books, Japanese landscapes, Russian abstractions and Chinese erotic scenes.

Recently, Orlovski has begun to re-imagine his paintings as film stills rather than independent representations. A series of smaller canvases hangs in an uninterrupted row similar to a sequence of remembered moments or a barrage of perspectives unfolding cinematically. These transitions from the outside in, and the singular to the multi-paneled, suggest an evolving narrative where all things connect over time in a never-ending allegorical chain.

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