Rudy Shepherd
The Black Bourgeoisie


Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their first show with Rudy Shepherd. In his first solo exhibition in New York, Rudy will show both drawing and video in and around Gallery 2.

Rudy’s latest drawing project consists of over one hundred black and white ink portraits. Mainly African-American icons, the portraits represent public figures that not only influenced Rudy’s own life and aspirations, but also changed public perception of what it means to be black in America. Fela Kuti, Thelonious Monk, Kerry James Marshall, Cornell West and Snoop Dogg are only a few of the diverse figures that make up the tapestry of this project.

In his videos, Rudy pays homage to his neighborhood in Harlem. Through four single-channel videos, Rudy focuses on his immediate landscape and a theme common to his work — what it means to be home.

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