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Rob Nadeau
Heavy Chalk


Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce Rob Nadeau’s second solo show with the gallery. In this exhibition he will debut an exciting new series of large-scale abstract paintings.

Nadeau’s new work combines calculated layers, fragments of found text and spontaneous marks made by brush, taped edge, collage and spray gun. Heavily scraped and layered passages of drips, stenciled patterns and brushstrokes live alongside large, stark areas of empty space. The raw combination speaks to Nadeau’s willingness to take risks, and to utilize chance, as ways to engage the viewer in both an internal and external experience.

In Nadeau’s own words, (from the press release from his recent group show Accident Blackspot), he pursues “…a jury rigged aesthetic approach with an emphasis on process and materiality, a conscious disregard for resolution or finish in the traditional sense, a slight hint of humor, and a flirtation with near constant failure. It is a scumbled and infected formalism, a congress of flotsam, teetering on the brink of self-destruction.” Tinged with a punk flavor, these paintings are indeed more aggressive than his last body of work, with textures and surfaces that have the visceral feel of low relief sculpture.

View downloadable PDF press release here.