Mary Temple


Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce a solo exhibition of Mary Temple’s new work. For years, Temple has studied architecture, memory, and light to create impossible, trompe l’oeil shadows in unlikely spaces. Using various media including paper, video, and installation, she investigates the urge to make a poignant moment last indefinitely.

As in a trompe l’oeil still life, we believe we are experiencing
space, but instead of it being contained behind a picture plane, it
is a space that expands out into fictitious daylight. In this way,
Temple merges still life with landscape painting, freezing a lie of
artificial atmospheric conditions onto a canvas of walls and floor.

Richard Klein, Exhibitions Director at the Aldrich Museum

“Recalescence” is the sudden flare of heat in metal during cooling after it has been forged. Temple associates this with a flash of memory. When looking at all her pieces, there is this momentary flash of recognition when the viewer experiences the warmth of “real” light.

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