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Mark Mulroney
Really Creative Pictures


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Mixed Greens is very pleased to present Mark Mulroney’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Really Creative Pictures will consist of paintings, books and a multi-part mural.

For as long as he can remember, Mark Mulroney has made a daily practice of drawing in several sketchbooks simultaneously—recording images, ideas and perplexing haikus. Each sketchbook is a collection of characters, source material, inspiration, sexual depravity and off-color humor. Like many artists, Mulroney has often found it difficult to translate the spontaneity of a sketch to canvas.

For this exhibition, Mulroney will display a selection of sketchbooks and a series of both large and small-scale “sketch paintings” where the collage and immediacy of his private books is captured on board and canvas. The viewer is now privy to multiple versions of an image and a stream-of-consciousness that was previously concealed.

For those who have followed Mulroney’s work, Really Creative Pictures will be an exciting encapsulation of the last decade. Old and new characters and drawing styles coalesce in the new pieces. It is Mulroney’s most personal show to date, but the multiple perspectives and truncated storylines will leave viewers with countless interpretations. A portal of sorts into the mind of Mulroney, this sketch-inspired body of work recalls the past while simultaneously revealing a more complex present and future.

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