Kimberley Hart
Open Season


Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Kimberley Hart ’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show will consist of quirky, finely crafted installations and sculptures.

Hart’s work revolves around the antics of an alter ego - a mischievous and irreverent young girl whose curiosity is currently focused on the concerns of the quintessential sportsman. In each of her pieces, the hunt is devised and the traps are set. Yet while the girl is cunning and fancies herself uniquely dedicated to her pursuits, her best-laid plans are often thwarted. The sculptures reveal a bizarre fantasy world where the sweet stereotype of a little girl is tempered by a wild and roguish imagination.

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a target range for the purpose of perfecting the archery skills of Hart’s young protagonist. On the wall, an autumn woodland scene, reminiscent of 70s kitsch murals, is transformed into a surprising and humorous array of targets. Deer, a unicorn, meadowlarks, fish and snails all gaze expectantly at the viewer. Bugs and mushrooms grow from the 2-dimensional surface, while a child’s stool and shelves give support to clay rabbits, duckies, cats, teddy bears and other unlikely marks. A handmade bow and suction-cup arrows sit nearby in anticipation.

In the remainder of the gallery, intricate mappings and byproducts of the alter ego’s exploits are found. Macramé fish traps hang from the ceiling, a live-trap’s bait lures its prey and a complex snare waits menacingly to be sprung. Popguns, slingshots and bejeweled hummingbird nets are at the ready. The entire show is an elaborate set-up for quite an adventure.

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