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Joseph Smolinski
After the Fall


Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Joseph Smolinski’s first solo exhibition in New York. He will debut a series of graphite drawings, sculptures and a video commenting on the contemporary landscape.

Smolinski’s view of the landscape changed the day he spotted an enormous fake tree used to camouflage a cellular communication tower. This “Franken-Tree” has since triggered images of a biotech future where parasitic microwave transmitters use the trees inhabiting suburbia and apocalyptic gardens as their hosts.

A large-scale rendering of an apple tree in the Garden of Eden, reminiscent of a Durer etching but complete with cell tower, will be shown as part of a series of masterful graphite drawings. The fine lines and textures are mesmerizing in their detail; each intricacy lures the viewer into contemplating the intersection between technological advancement and naturally occurring phenomena.

On an optimistic note, Smolinski has developed Tree Turbines which, like the cell tower trees, camouflage technology to blend into the landscape. A functioning electric wind turbine was first envisioned in the concept video Tree Turbine, that animates the landscape with a forest full of majestic, artificial pine trees powering a cabin, an electric car charging station and an entire city. Presented along with the video are a series of sculptures, drawings and documentation of the 20-foot tall prototype currently on view at Mass MoCA as part of the exhibition Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape.

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