Joan Linder
Making Money Out of Nothing. Running Up Debt, Trusting in God


Everything falling apart, airplanes, bridges, eight years under Reagan of nobody minding the store, making money out of nothing, running up debt, trusting in God.

-From Rabbit at Rest (1990) by John Updike

In her first solo show at Mixed Greens, Joan Linder will exhibit her newest pen-and-ink drawings. The focus of the show will be two large-scale accordion books and a number of smaller landscape drawings. Highly intricate and labor intensive, each accordion book measures two feet by three feet when closed. When extended to their full length, however, the drawings measure an astounding 16 to 20 feet long.

With simple pen-and-ink, Linder has been drawing seemingly disparate subjects—family, office machinery, buildings, radio and television towers, hunters, businessmen and furniture—since 1996. Regardless of the subject, Linder faithfully documents power structures and the sociopolitical atmosphere of a time and a place.

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