Howard Fonda, Christina Mazzalupo, Kammy Roulner
Becoming a Better Person Through Art


Hollywood, via Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams, once offered up an intriguing piece of Zen-like advice: “If you build it, they will come.” In Mixed Greens’ summer show, the advice is turned on its head: “If you build it, can you be it?” If one creates a “better” image, can one then, through that very act of creation, become a better person? In Becoming a Better Person Through Art, three Mixed Greens artists—Howard Fonda, Christina Mazzalupo, and Kammy Roulner—grapple with issues ranging from anxiety and agoraphobia to the desire for unconditional love, and in the process call into question viewers’ assumptions about what is Good, what is Bad, and what, ultimately, is Art.

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