Howard Fonda
I Feel Like Goin' Back


Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their second solo exhibition with Howard Fonda. For this show, Fonda will present new forested landscape paintings derived from his interests in Romanticism, 60s counterculture and the writings of Thoreau.

While much of contemporary American culture is directed by fast-paced, multi-faceted media, Fonda's paintings are political and philosophical sanctuaries wherein the viewer is invited to slow down. Hovering between representation and abstraction, these landscapes manifest the transcendental ideals of self-reliance and intuitive knowledge.

Through each alla prima* piece, Howard Fonda communicates an inexhaustible hope in painting. He rebukes the notion of art as entertainment and, instead, challenges the viewer to engage with him in nature and join in his search for truth.

*A style of painting where, instead of building colors up with layers, the painting is done in a single session while the paint is still wet.

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