Dirk Westphal
Piscoli Fabulosi


Mixed Greens is proud to present Dirk Westphal’s Piscoli Fabulosi (fabulous little fishes), a solo exhibition of mural-sized photographs of the saltwater fish family Pomacentridae (damselfish) and the consummation of the artist’s devotion in recent years to damselfish collecting, husbandry and wrangling. Damselfish are highly territorial, colorful little fish that are, pound for pound, the toughest fish in the oceans. Using large-format cameras, Westphal renders these inch-long fish in brilliant color and hyper detail on glowing white backgrounds. Capturing features and distinctive markings that elude the naked eye, the work provides land-bound viewers with an intimate glimpse of these fishes’ private world. Depicted both in small, within-species groups and interacting across Pomacentridae species lines, Westphal’s exotic subjects are identified in the photographs’ titles by their Latin and vernacular names, as well as their places of origin.

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