Coke Wisdom O'Neal
The Box


Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their second solo exhibition with photographer Coke O’Neal. In an exciting new project, Coke continues his unique exploration of portraiture to include an element of performance and discovery.

For his last exhibition with Mixed Greens, Coke surreptitiously photographed the insides of friends’ and strangers’ medicine cabinets. Unexpected surprises made the portraits voyeuristic snapshots of people’s personal lives. In this new body of work, while the format is more traditional, voyeurism and discovery still play important roles.

During the summer of 2005, Coke constructed a 22-foot tall box on the west side of Manhattan. Over the course of a month, he invited friends, family and strangers to the box to have their photos taken. The resulting portraits are undirected, photoshop-free representatives from Coke O’Neal’s New York. The obvious isolation of each figure sets a stage of loneliness while scale serves to reinforce the sentiment. The traditional Sentry-box is supersized and the person inside is left to their own devices. The final photograph is a tromp l’loeil box within which his subjects become trapped specimens – each unique and telling.

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