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Christina Mazzalupo
Types of Kinds: A Study


Mixed Greens presents Christina Mazzalupo’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. In this very idiosyncratic study, she identifies a cross-section of kinds, parts, and types that significantly affects her observations of life on earth.

Christina Mazzalupo’s recent work explores myth, science, genetics, adaptation, and chance through an assortment of descriptive portraits and pseudo-scientific studies. For each of the drawings, she uses pencil, ink and watercolor on aged paper or classification tags. The antiquity of the paper echoes the inscrutability of history.

Through an ardent investigation of theories, beliefs, and lives, Mazzalupo finds circuitous ways of discussing the topics that cause humans to contemplate and research, generation after generation. Why is one person more attractive, more evolved, or more fortunate than another? Why does the Equus Zebra have perfect stripes? Are all governments run by a race of shape-shifting lizard people?

Cause and effect, destiny versus luck, personal perception versus collective comprehension, monomyths, mutations, and fantasies are all explored in this project. Mazzalupo’s drawings will cause you to ask yourself why you aren’t better looking and if your experiences in the bedroom were actually alien abductions.

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