Christina Mazzalupo
Hey! Get Mental!


Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce their second solo exhibition with Christina Mazzalupo. In her new body of work, Mazzalupo expands the size and scope of her comedic line drawings into graphic, animated nightmares.

On a smooth, velvety vellum surface, dozens of competing elements float above a tiny, dreaming figure. Urban landscapes meet animals, airplanes, weapons, characters and catastrophes. Vignettes morph and melt into one another.

Through her new drawings and paintings, Mazzalupo explores the relationship between psychological perspective and creative process. Dwarfed by the complexity and confusion of the weighty thought-bubble above, the isolated sleeping figure is the generator of chaos. Together, the figure and dream embody the multiple perspectives, inspirations and impulses that exist simultaneously in Mazzalupo's mind.

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