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Alessandra Exposito
My First Love


Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce their third solo show with Alessandra Exposito. For this exhibition, Exposito will present a new series of narrative sculptures, including a life-sized horse skeleton.

Exposito has a long-standing fascination with trophy animals and mounted game. Instead of using traditional deer or elk in her work, she chooses farm animals and beloved pets—such as chickens or cats—that lack associations with rugged masculinity. Exposito uses paint, rhinestones, studs and sculpted antlers to elevate their skulls into powerful fetish objects. For this exhibition, she focuses solely on the horse, an animal with complicated and opposing associations: domesticated and wild, leisure and work, the object of affection of both cowboys and little girls.

In the south gallery, Exposito creates a fictional narrative history that unites a family of horses. Meticulous paintings on each skull reveal an intimate story in which tribute is paid to the animal and the people who owned and loved it over its lifetime. Decoration and detailing implies personality not usually attributed to a horse.

In the north gallery, the viewer encounters Exposito’s first complete skeleton. This horse, painted white and placed on a white floor with white walls, shimmers and nearly disappears. Adorned with sculpted flowers, birds and other decoration, the sculpture is Exposito’s vision of the afterlife and an arresting memento mori.

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