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Alessandra Expósito
Once-blooming and Button-eyed


Mixed Greens is pleased to present Alessandra Expósito’s fourth solo show with the gallery. In this exhibition, Expòsito will present a new series of hybrid sculptures composed of found objects and crafted organic forms, drawing on sentimental associations of loss.

Expósito has long used recycled, found objects, usually in the form of animal skulls. In Once-blooming and Button-eyed, she moves from the barnyard to the roadside, where she is inspired by the evocative nature of stray, discarded furniture that decays and decomposes back into the earth. Similar to past bodies of work, Expósito is constructing fictional narratives that reveal glimpses into the past lives of these objects and those who lived with them.

Central to the exhibit is a nightstand, reminiscent of one the artist had as a child in the 70s, altered and overtaken by growth. A sculpted tree bores through and envelops the structure, conjuring images of forgotten yard furniture, and calling attention to the temporal nature of once-cherished objects. The weathered tree buzzes with remnants of sentimental memories, recalling childhood pets and summers spent outdoors. A glass-dome encases sculpted insects, plant replicas, and rotting potatoes that mimic the twisted shape of the tree—a child-sized cabinet of curiosities. The fragile imagery of rotting vegetables, goldfish, baby birds, vines, and flowers, done in white, porcelain-like clay, conjures up the mysteries of unfinished lives, and the losses that sometimes come with age.

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