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Adia Millett
The Birth of Bardo


Mixed Greens is pleased to present their third solo exhibition of new works by Adia Millett. In The Birth of Bardo she will introduce her first film, photographs selected from her most recent installations, and a new life-sized installation. Visitors are invited to participate in the scene, sit, contemplate, and implicate themselves in a dream-like environment teetering between fantasy and reality.

Millett’s focus from miniature spaces to large-scale structures began two years ago with Change–a series of installations housed in her LA-based garage. Shadows, found objects, light, and space were used to compose visual poetry. Since her garage project, Millett has produced installations in New Orleans, Riverside, Santa Cruz, as well as a series of groundbreaking pieces at The Nest residency in Oakland.

Millett’s current body of work, deeply embedded in metaphor, suggests a story of transition from loss to potential love. Her work examines the beauty of impermanence, the power of the unknown, and the illusion of innocence. She uses gestures, objects, and sounds to convey an abstracted reality where the viewer is asked to put together pieces of a mysterious puzzle.

In her first film, The Birth of Bardo, enigmatic figures appear. But, similar to the installations and photographs, much is left to the imagination. Seesaws, wings, chairs, and even a coffin reappear and expand Millett’s vast lexicon of imagery.

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