Mixed Greens represents US-based artists that specialize in conceptually driven and figurative work in a diversity of media. We currently represent nineteen artists who are at varying stages of their careers.

Mixed Greens was originally conceived during the late ‘90s to support emerging artists. By promoting them online and through other non-traditional means, such as experimental spaces in locations across the country, Mixed Greens built a reputation of approachability and inventiveness. The goal was to make contemporary artists accessible to the public and vice versa. Mixed Greens became known as a gallery where emerging artists are given their first solo shows in New York City. Now, the artists are vibrant and recognized members of the contemporary art dialogue. Due to the success of its artists and its recognition within the collecting and curating communities, Mixed Greens developed organically from its revolutionary inception into a traditional gallery. Today we continue in the same spirit as we did in 1999, and strive to show work that is not only of contemporary interest, but will be of lasting art historical significance.